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Dennis Cail

Dennis Cail is the founder and CEO of Zirtue, a fintech company pioneering in the $200 billion relationship-based lending market segment by automating the loan process between family and friends with payments going directly to designated creditors.   The service is provided free for borrowers and lenders on a patent-pending online app platform in collaboration with a network of creditor partners keen to reduce bad-debt losses. During 2021, Zirtue will also introduce a complementary debit card service targeted at the 25% of American households that are unbanked or underbanked.

Dennis began working with technology while serving in the Navy, then earned a computer science degree and MBA from Southern Methodist University. Before founding Zirtue, he served as Senior Director of Corporate Services at IBM Global Services, Managing Director at Uptown Financial Group and at PwC, and Managing Partner at Convince Capital Partners.  Dennis founded Zirtue as a response to his own difficulty lending to family and friends. His mission became to provide a fair, transparent lending solution that empowers underserved individuals to change the way they lend, borrow and bank with friends and family.

--bio written by Reinventure Capital--

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